Foundry Laborer

New Life Staffing, LLC Spring City, PA Full Time
Spring City, PA
94 days ago

Full Job Description

HOURS: M-F 6:30 AM to 2:30 PM

  • Knock out cores from castings
  • Operate the skid-loader to clean up sand from knock out floor & fill dumpsters
  • Operate the skid-loader to deliver sand to the molding floors
  • Operate the skid-loader, preparator, and Muller to prepare green sand for molding
  • Assist any molder with the process of mold making, including but not limited to:
  • Moving flasks, boards & patterns, pattern pulling, mold spraying, core retrieval, core setting and cope closing
  • Operate the BMM machine to make molds Operate the forklift to load the BMM machine with flasks & boards, unload the mold from the machine & place the molds on the floor.
  • Spray iron molds with mold spray. Retrieve and set cores into molds. Set copes on drags, clamp molds, and install bars on copes.
  • Operate skid-loader to scrape up sand from the concrete pad in back & general housekeeping of flask storage area in the yard
  • Operate fork-lift to pull large patterns and large core-boxes delivering them to the pattern shop, core department, or molding floors at the supervisor’s discretion
  • Operate fork-lift to put large patterns and core-boxes away in their designated storage areas
  • Identify correct flasks & operate fork-lift to take required flasks in & out
  • Ability to swing sledge hammers
  • Ability to lift 50lbs, up to 100lbs occasionally
  • Ability to push/pull 50lbs