Electronic AC Current Sensor
Electronic AC Current Sensor

Electronic AC Current Sensor

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TR-EVT-10 electronic voltage sensor is suitable for 10KV column circuit breaker, 10KV switch cabinet, load switch, gas-filled cabinet and solid cabinet. It is mainly used to detect line phase sequence and zero-sequence voltage, direction judgment and phase angle protection. Adopting the principle of capacitive voltage division, it is an AC sensor that conforms to the technical specifications of the primary and secondary fusion of the State Grid.

Simplify the system structure, directly output standard small signal without secondary conversion, directly input secondary equipment through A/D conversion, reducing the source of errors;

The magnetic core has high permeability and low temperature drift. In the temperature range of -40℃~+70℃, especially at -40℃, the variation of the error meets the standard requirements

The output internal resistance is small, which overcomes the error caused by the cable and can be adapted to various cables;

The composite film capacitor with CVT transformer structure has good long-term stability;

The accuracy changes little due to the influence of ambient temperature.

Type Parameters
Rated Primary Voltage 10kV /
Rated Secondary Putput Phase Voltage: 3.25V /
Zero Sequence Voltage: 6.5V / 3
Accuracy Phase Voltage: 0.5 Class 
Zero Sequence Voltage: 1 Class
Capacity 0.5MΩ~5 MΩ
(Can be determined according to user requirements)
Rated Frequence 50Hz
Insulation level 12/42/75kV
Partial Discharge ≤10pC (14.4kV)
Executive Standard IEC 60044-7;GB/T20840.7-2007
Working Environment Ambient Temperature -40℃~+70℃
Test Report
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We are a manufacturer has export qualification and experience.

instrument type at least 100pcs ;others by 1 -5 pcs;


Instrument transformer 20 thousand pcs ;current transformer 12 thousand pcs ;voltage transformer 11 thousand pcs.

We have a R&D team for new product design. Successful cases and in continued cooperation. Discussion among both sides ➡general specification ensure➡structure drawing ➡original sample ➡electrical

Standard Carton Export fumigatin-free tray Tray Film Edge fixing strip Vacuum packaging acceptable Customize size acceptable
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