CHN Energy Jiangsu Branch Hit a New High in Green Electricity Transaction Volume

from:China Energy Investment Corporationdate:2023-04-07

By March 27, the Jiangsu branch of CHN Energy had completed green electricity transaction volume of 327 million kWh in Jiangsu this year, a new high of all time, which is equal to reducing carbon emissions by 276,000 tons.

CHN Energy Jiangsu Branch Hit a New High in Green Electricity Transaction Volume-1

A photovoltaic power project in Gaoyou County, Jiangsu Province.

Facing the new situation and new changes of the green electricity market, the Jiangsu branch actively carries out policy research, analyzes the supply and demand of green electricity, studies and judges price trends, and provides policy support for meeting consumers’ demand for green electricity. Besides, it actively communicates with users needing green power to adjust the transaction cycle and contract performance month according to their demand, and improves the utilization rate of green power resources within CHN Energy. It has also taken measures to strengthen regional coordination to underwrite green power for internal power plants, improve the income of affordable photovoltaic projects, and maximize benefits. At the same time, it digs deep into affordable green power resources to meet the needs of users in various dimensions and enhance user stickiness. At present, the Jiangsu branch has completed a cumulative transaction volume of nearly 200 million kWh to meet the green power needs of users. By doing so, it has further broadened its business path, and laid a solid foundation for accelerating the construction of a first-class green and intelligent comprehensive benchmarking energy enterprise with the “unique characteristics of the times, CHN Energy and Jiangsu”.

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