CHN Energy Jiangsu Branch Generated Electricity of Over 70 Billion kWh

from:China Energy Investment Corporationdate:2022-12-20

By December 8, the Jiangsu branch of CHN Energy had generated electricity of nearly 70.19 billion kWh, 1.29 billion kWh more than planned, ranking first in Jiangsu Province. The company has ensured power supply more than required.

CHN Energy Jiangsu Branch Generated Electricity of Over 70 Billion kWh-1

The Suqian power plant.

As the largest power generation enterprise in Jiangsu Province, the Jiangsu branch of CHN Energy undertakes the important mission and responsibility to ensure energy supply in the region. Since the beginning of this year, all employees of the company have shouldered the responsibility of “serving as energy cornerstones” and vigorously advanced the “safety, health, environment” publicity endeavor. It carries out the campaign known as “10 Teams for Demonstration and 100 Teams for Governance” to link the “first kilometer” and the “last kilometer” of safe production. It also focuses on “on-site, practical and real-time management” and pushes forward work such as equipment management, fuel guarantee, emergency response, and epidemic prevention and control by actively using the “MYJPJ” management efficiency improvement tools. Moreover, it has intensified regular patrol, inspection and maintenance of primary and supplementary equipment under heavy load, and strengthened attention and maintenance of key components, achieving 100% equivalent availability factor (EAF) in key periods. In addition, the company gives full play to CHN Energy’s advantage in integrated development of coal and electricity, and takes measures to strengthen thermal coal supply guarantee and coordination, expand the sources of coal, increase coal stock, and optimize blended coal burning plans. These efforts have ensured all available generation units are put into operation to guarantee stable electricity generation. For this reason, the company was praised by the provincial government of Jiangsu as an enterprise “with the highest management level, the best-performing generation units, and the strongest innovation capacity that upholds political integrity, keeps the whole picture in mind, shoulders heavy duties, and excels at performance”. It is an outstanding epitome of the brand image of CHN Energy in Jiangsu.

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