Dadu River Company’s Five Generators Named National Reliability Benchmark Generation Units

from:China Energy Investment Corporationdate:2022-12-23

On December 16, the National Energy Administration held the 2022 Power Reliability Index Release Conference. At the conference, the No.1 and No.2 generators of the Dagangshan hydropower station and the No.3 generator of the Houziyan hydropower station of Dadu River Company, a subsidiary of CHN Energy, were named mixed-flow hydroelectric generators of advanced reliability with an installed capacity of 400MW or above, and the No.1 generator of the Zhentouba hydropower station and the No.1 generator of the Shenxigou hydropower station were named axial-flow hydroelectric generators of advanced reliability with an installed capacity of 150MW or above.

Dadu River Company’s Five Generators Named National Reliability Benchmark Generation Units-1

Operators conduct equipment patrol and inspection carefully to ensure safe operation of generation units.

Dadu River Company attaches great importance to ensuring the safe, stable operation of generation units. To this end, it has strengthened management and control of equipment operation and maintenance, compiled reliability management and analysis reports on a regular basis, and conducted meticulous analysis on impactful factors by leveraging reliability statistics and data, so as to accurately monitor equipment operation, collect and report data in a timely manner, find weak links and potential safety risks of equipment, and make targeted rectifications. Through strengthening index management, the company has enhanced its capacity in equipment management. Moreover, it has reinforced the management of equipment inspection and repair and taken coordinated measures to carry out equipment inspection and repair in its eight hydropower stations in the Dadu River Basin during the winter slack season. It has formulated the annual plan for equipment inspection, repair and technological upgrading based on its production realities, and is strict in implementing “technical plans, operating measures, quality control, and experimental workflows”. Relying on its equipment state and trend analysis system as well as its achievements in the application of intelligent inspection and repair system, Dadu River Company has actively carried out equipment state assessment and advanced equipment state-based inspection and repair. In addition, efforts are made to strengthen equipment malfunction management and guarantee effective, high-quality equipment patrol inspection, daily maintenance, technical supervision, etc. Following the principle of “solving tiny malfunctions within the work shift and major malfunctions in the same day after they are detected”, the company manages to remove malfunctions that may impact the operation of the main equipment in a timely manner and makes every effort to ensure equipment remains in operation and continues to generate electricity in the process of repair.

Moreover, the company strictly follows the power grid’s scheduling orders and optimizes generators’ operating modes to ensure they operate in optimal conditions as much as possible. Besides, through the statistics, analysis and assessment of reliability indexes, it has formulated equipment lifecycle timetables and advanced equipment full-lifecycle management to substantially improve production safety management capacity and boost local economic development with green power.

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