Documentary on CHN Energy’s Coal Mines and Power Plants Screened at UNESCO Headquarters

from:China Energy Investment Corporationdate:2022-12-12

On December 3 Beijing Time (or December 2 Paris Time), China Media Group (CMG) joined hands with the permanent delegation of China to UNESCO to hold the China Video Festival at the headquarters of UNESCO in Paris, France. The documentary Human Carbon Footprint, presented by China Global Television Network (CGTN) under CMG, debuted at the event. The documentary tells a series of stories of humankind’s relationships with energy and nature around the world, including those about CHN Energy’s coal mines and power plants.

Human Carbon Footprint focuses on how China will achieve its carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals as a responsible major country against the backdrop of global warming. The two-episode documentary, with a total length of 80 minutes, will be aired on CGTN.

What was screened at the UNESCO headquarters is a 56-minute special version. It tells the overseas audience stories about Chinese people “promoting green development and advancing harmonious coexistence between human and nature” in the new era, and showcases China’s aspiration to share opportunities with the world for common development. The first three minutes of the documentary narrate stories about intelligent mining and cast blasting at the Heidaigou open-pit coal mine of Zhunge’er Power Co., Ltd. under CHN Energy with the focus on clean utilization of fossil energy. The middle part of the documentary uses nearly two minutes to introduce Jiangsu Taizhou Power Plant under CHN Energy, a representative of cutting-edge coal-fired power plants in China, as well as how it displays the leading brand image of CHN Energy through its endeavors in peak load adjustment and mutual complementation with new energy.

More than 400 people, including diplomats of various countries to UNESCO and representatives from all sectors of French society, attended the event.

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