Dadu River Hydropower Achieved Workplace “Paperless Operation” for the First Time

from:China Energy Investment Corporationdate:2022-11-04

Recently, the operation and maintenance staff of Tongjiezi hydropower station completed a series of operations of the first equipment operation electronic sheet in the Dadu River basin, marking that Dadu River Hydropower Development Co., Ltd. (“Dadu River Hydropower” for short) under CHN Energy succeeded in its exploration of new workplace “paperless operation” mode.

Over the years, the company’s workplace management relied on a mechanism combining “work sheets” and “operation sheets” filled in by humans, which not only cost huge manpower but also might lead to loopholes in standardized management. In order to build an intelligent enterprise, Dadu River Hydropower has constantly improved safe, standardized management and enhanced intelligent management level. It introduced the workplace “paperless operation” mode, which was first put into trial use in Tongjiezi hydropower station of its Gongdian General Factory. As the first trial unit of “paperless operation” under Dadu River Hdropower, the factory took the initiative to integrate with the digitalization trend and organize technical forces to conduct research on bottlenecks undermining production efficiency. It designed an electronic operation sheet system that integrates functions such as “five preventions” of microcomputers, safety risk control data center, and ERP and aligns with the safety risk control system. After repeated tests, it was put into operation.

The system marks a radical reform of traditional production and operation modes, and can avoid workplace safety risks, monitor operating behaviors, achieve intelligent operation data feedback, and save paper. Moreover, it can realize looped management of human safety risk analysis, precaution and control throughout the operation process, thus effectively eradicating behaviors violating rules and regulations and strengthening the safety of the production frontline. At present, the system has been put into use in Tongjiezi hydropower station, which is expected to help the hydropower station’s equipment overhaul operations in the winter of this year and the spring of next year.

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