Taicang Company Recognized as Jiangsu Provincial Five-Star Industrial Cloud Computing Company

from:China Energy Investment Corporationdate:2022-09-15

On September 5, the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology announced the 2022 list of star-rated cloud computing companies involved in the provincial industrial Internet demonstration project. Taicang Company of China Energy Jiangsu Branch successfully made the list for its excellent capabilities of industrial Internet platform construction and services, with the highest five-star rating, becoming the only thermal power enterprise in the province to win the honor.

Taicang Company Recognized as Jiangsu Provincial Five-Star Industrial Cloud Computing Company-1

Plant of Taicang Company in Jiangsu

Taicang Company, following the three-year action plan of intelligent transformation and digital upgrading for manufacturing in Jiangsu Province, introduced cloud technologies into its production, operation and services. It established a top-level structure of smart power plant with the framework of “one network and two centers”, “three platforms as a whole”, and “three capability centers and six application centers”, which enhanced the digitalization, networking and artificial intelligence level of the company and unleashed its value potential in terms of continuous innovation and cost reduction. Relying on the 600 MW supercritical steam turbine upgrading project, Taicang Company made full use of “Internet Plus” technologies to upgrade the network and data platform of the whole plant and make intelligent fused analysis of the core production data. It optimized the operation mode and improved the control accuracy of the units, which can be powered on with merely one button, saving 2.5 hours compared with the original ones and 500,000 yuan for each time they are powered on. Inspection robots are introduced into the distribution room to build an intelligent workshop for unattended and remote inspection. An intelligent point inspection system is applied to realize comprehensive statistical analysis and smart control of equipment on the spot. A smart evaluation system of equipment status has been developed, which uses different diagnostic models to realize intelligent fault warning and diagnosis of main and auxiliary equipment for intelligent operation of units, fuel management and equipment management in the whole plant.

In addition, Taicang Company has built an industrial Internet system that features data center computer rooms, internal and external network security isolation, terminal access certification and full coverage of industrial WIFI. Alongside the protected areas of the production section, the system, an all-round corporate network security protection system has formed, providing a safe and stable data “highway” for the high-speed data transmission of intelligent workshop application systems such as the wireless spot inspection system, the intelligent diagnosis system for equipment and the intelligent access control system, further strengthening the company control of the production process, and shortening the transition time between multiple links, which helps the company effectively improve its operation efficiency.

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