Shendong Coal’s Intelligent Coal Mine Construction Passes Acceptance Inspection

from:China Energy Investment Corporationdate:2022-07-20

On July 12, Daliuta Coal Mine of Shendong Coal under China Energy passed the acceptance inspection for China’s first group of demonstration intelligent coal mines. After listening to the report on intelligent construction, reviewing relevant documents, and conducting on-site inspection, the acceptance panel conducted examination on 11 aspects including information infrastructure, the geological security system, the tunneling system, the coal mining system and the main coal flow transport system. According to the Administrative Measures for Acceptance of Demonstration Intelligent Coal Mines (Trial), after the final inquiry and deliberation, the total score of intelligent construction in Daliuta Coal Mine was 85.17, reaching the standard for mid-level Class I demonstration intelligent coal mines; Daliuta Coal Preparation Plant scored 85, reaching the standard for intermediate-level intelligent coal preparation plants.

Shendong Coal’s Intelligent Coal Mine Construction Passes Acceptance Inspection-1

A patrol robot works on a longwall mining face in the Daliuta Coal Mine.

As one of the first demonstration intelligent mine construction projects in China, Daliuta Coal Mine has focused on both intelligent collaborative construction and high-yield, high-efficiency development, while harnessing its mining advantages to build an intelligent development platform. Through the in-depth application of intelligent mining technology, it has innovated the production organization and management mode and explored the “ground attendant” mode of production support system.

Daliuta Coal Mine has successively established a data center and a data warehouse, unified data standards and transmission protocols, and independently developed a comprehensive management and control platform. It has built a 5G-network-based intelligent mining face, and developed and applied the fully mechanized immersive full-motion video splicing technology for comprehensive mining, which realized the two-way automatic cable winding and automatic cutting and remote control of the continuous miner in continuous mining face. The patrol robots and auxiliary intelligent equipment are applied in mining faces and fixed places, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of underground workers. Daliuta Coal Preparation Plant developed and applied intelligent refuse picking robot, which realized the intelligence of sorting, loading, pressure filtration and concentration, and basically materialized the smart management, analysis and decision-making.

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