China Energy’s Railway Dispatching Information System Passes Completion Acceptance

from:China Energy Investment Corporationdate:2022-07-27

China Energy’s project of Railway Dispatching Information System passed the completion acceptance on July 19. It has taken nearly 10 years for the project to finish the initial planning, design, construction and the completion acceptance. The project, dedicated to serving the group’s integrated operation system, has realized concentration of bulk transport information, sharing of extensive data, a complete production flow, automatic traffic control and intelligent operation command. The information system encompasses innovative applications such as “one dispatching station”, remote dispatching, “one platform, one map, one table and one ticket”, T/D deep integration, CTC network security, GIS-based comprehensive dispatching and monitoring, BIM-based computer room construction, etc. It has built a demonstrative project for China’s new generation of heavy-haul railway dispatching systems, which will have an impact on the country’s existing railway dispatching command system.

The system has thoroughly solved problems that have long plagued railway companies, such as poor information communication between the interface and dispatching jobs, difficulty in data sharing, low labor efficiency, and low degree of automation. After the system comes online, the railway traffic will become smoother, the transport organization will be more convenient, the equipment capacity will be better harnessed, and the integration, coordination and multi-party linkage will be more efficient.

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