China’s First Batch of Hybrid Locomotives Commissioned in Baoshen Railway

from:China Energy Investment Corporationdate:2022-06-17

China’s first batch of HXN6 petrol-electric hybrid locomotives for commercial use was commissioned on June 9 in Shenhua Baoshen Railway Group Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China Energy.

China’s First Batch of Hybrid Locomotives Commissioned in Baoshen Railway-1

An HXN6 petrol-electric hybrid locomotive.

The HXN6 petrol-electric hybrid locomotive is a new energy vehicle developed in response to the “carbon peaking and carbon neutrality” goals. It is powered by a power battery pack with a capacity of 1268.6 kWh and a diesel generating unit with an installed capacity of 1,250 KW. The locomotive uses the power battery pack by default, and is thus economical, energy-saving and eco-friendly.

Compared to traditional diesel-fueled locomotives, this kind of locomotive is equipped with cutting-edge energy conservation and environmental protection technologies. Each can annually save fuel by 30-40 percent, and reduce air pollutant emissions by 3 to 5 tons and carbon dioxide emissions by 280.5 to 467.5 tons. A single locomotive is capable of transporting more than 10,000 tons of cargo, thus meeting the demand for internal scheduling operation and short-distance operation of Baoshen Railway.

The first batch that rolled off the assembly line include two such locomotives, which were commissioned to Baoshen Railway in mid-June to help the company upgrade its transport equipment and achieve green, low-carbon and eco-friendly development.

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