Taizhou Company Named for 5G Application Innovation in Power System

from:China Energy Investment Corporationdate:2022-06-13

On June 4, the “Application of 5G+Industrial Internet for Electric Power Enterprises” of Taizhou Company of China Energy Jiangsu Branch was selected as an “Excellent Case” at the 2022 Selection of 5G Application Innovation Cases in the Power System.

Taizhou Company Named for 5G Application Innovation in Power System-1

Plant of the Taizhou Company of China Energy Jiangsu Branch.

Committed to the intelligent construction of power enterprises, Taizhou Company effectively integrates new technologies such as the Internet of Things, edge computing, mobile Internet, intelligent prediction, and intelligent control, and used 5G + UWB technology to establish a high-precision personnel positioning management system, which allows for real-time three-dimensional visualization of personnel movement trajectory, achieves intelligent inspection, less need for labor, electronic fence, and mobile monitoring, and further ensures efficient, safe production with intelligent methods.

Based on its 5G network platform, the company can transmit information about the operation status of equipment in a timely and accurate manner, so as to provide reliable data connection for virtual reality, industrial data collection and other application scenarios. Development and application of a wind turbine early warning system helps achieve advance prediction and provide a basis for personnel operation adjustment.

Since the application of the new technology, the company’s average monthly equipment defects have dropped by 8 percent, the intensity of inspection has been reduced by 30 percent, and considerable labor and equipment maintenance costs have been saved, which significantly improves the safety and efficiency of management and proves high promotional value in the industry.

So far, the technology has obtained one invention patent and resulted in two academic papers and a book.

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