Longyuan Power Launches Large-scale Application of IPv6 Technology on Mobile Terminals

from:China Energy Investment Corporationdate:2022-06-01

On May 23, Longyuan Power Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. under China Energy became the first in China to complete construction of a mobile operation safety management and control system featuring IPv6 single-stack technology, laying solid groundwork for intelligent and digital transformation of the new energy industry.

Since the project was launched, the company has made continuous efforts and invested particular resources to develop and deploy the IPv6-based mobile operation safety management and control system. Based on a three-tier structure combining “new energy stations, provincial-level monitoring and control centers, and Longyuan Power Headquarters”, multi-level platforms collaborate with each other to conduct remote, centralized control of mobile equipment, achieving functions such as video preview, group intercom, BeiDou/GPS combined positioning, and record review. The system fully leverages mobile monitoring and control devices to realize more efficient safety supervision.

The large-scale application of IPv6 single-stack technology on mobile terminals marked a breakthrough in the shift from centralized application to distributed application of the technology in the new energy industry. The system can mend the potential weakness in safety control in high-risk operations, so as to improve the safe operations of wind farms and provide basis for performance assessment of wind farms. It has also laid a solid foundation for the digitalization of the new energy industry.

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