New Transient Electromagnetic Detection Technology Applied at Luotuoshan Coal Mine, Wuhai

from:China Energy Investment Corporationdate:2022-05-26

On May 21, Luotuoshan Coal Mine of Wuhai Energy under China Energy Investment Corporation began applying the new technology of borehole transient electromagnetic detection in underground boring tunnels for early detection of water damage, which achieved good results.

Due to complicated hydrogeological conditions in Luotuoshan Coal Mine, traditional technology for early water damage detection in underground boring tunnel can lead to  technical defects such as separation of exploration and excavation and low precision. And, the quality and efficiency of detection cannot be ensured because of the contradiction between time and space for tunnel excavation.

In response to these problems, Luotuoshan Coal Mine, in cooperation with Xi’an Research Institute under CCTEG and the Research and Development Center of Geophysical Exploration Technology and Equipment, established Wuhai Project Department under the Institute of Electrical Exploration Technology to carry out research and application of borehole transient electromagnetic approaches to early detection of water damage. This technology not only overcomes the deficiency of “one-hole view” in drilling, but also serves “multiple purposes with a single hole”. It also paves way for early-stage application of the subsequent popularization of new geophysical exploration technologies such as borehole transient electromagnetic system, borehole geological radar and natural gamma ray in directional long borehole, which provides reliable geological guarantee for transparent mine tunnel excavation.

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