The Kick-Off Meeting of the Research Project on“The Impact of the Flexible Adjusted Operation of the Coal-Fired Power Generating Units on their Reliability”Held In Beijing

from:China Electricity Councildate:2022-05-17

May 09, 2022 /CEC/ - On April 29, 2022, the Reliability Management Center of China Electricity Council (hereinafter referred to as the “CEC Reliability Center”) organized the Kick-Off Meeting of the research topic "The Impact of the Flexible Adjusted Operation of the Coal-fired Power Units on their Reliability" through a hybrid event with online and onsite ways. Yan Xiuwen, the Deputy Director of the Department of Power Safety Supervision of the National Energy Administration and Lv Zhong, the Deputy Director of the General Management Department of National Energy Administration, attended the Meeting for guidance. Xu Songlin, the Deputy Secretary General of CEC as well as the CEC experts and the research group joined the Meeting as well.

At the Meeting, Yan Xiuwen pointed out that to ensure the safe and reliable operation of energy and power systems, more attention must be paid to the flexible adjustment and supply guarantee of the coal-fired power generating units during the gearing up of the development of low-carbon energy, power transformation and the construction of the New Type Power System. 

With the deployment and implementation of the "Three Reform Linkage”, more coal-fired power generating units will participate in the flexible adjustment operations and their new roles in the system will be further enhanced. With a combination way of theory and experiment scientifically and systematically, the research work evaluating the impact of the flexible operation of the coal-fired power generating units on their reliability and economic value would be timely and necessary. It is hoped that the research group could give full play to their respective advantages and provided high-quality and targeted suggestions for the selection of flexible transformation routes for the coal-fired power generating units and could support the decision-making of the government in adjusting and improving the operation mechanism of the power market and the compensation mechanism for auxiliary services.

The research group reported then its work plan and the outline of the research. Wei Zhaofeng, the Vice President of the Expert Committee of CEC, Lv Junfu, Professor of the Department of Energy and Power Engineering of Tsinghua University, and Liu Yinshun, the Director of the Safety Supervision Department of China Datang Corporation, put forward further suggestions on the organization and research direction of the mentioned project. Group members from the power generation enterprises, scientific research institutes, universities and manufacturing enterprises respectively expressed their opinions.

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