China Energy Railway Equipment Company Leads the Country in ‘State-based Repair’ Technology

from:China Energy Investment Corporationdate:2022-05-20

As of May 11, the Huanghua Port service track of China Energy Railway Equipment Co., Ltd. had conducted “state-based repair” for 50,560 self-owned locomotives and trains over the past three years, with its technology leading its domestic counterparts. The effort provided driving force and strong support for China Energy’s safe and smooth transportation services.

China Energy Railway Equipment Company Leads the Country in ‘State-based Repair’ Technology-1

A locomotive departs the service track after repair.

The first intelligent operation and maintenance service line in China’s railroad industry, the company’s service track is equipped with advanced repairing equipment and can achieve precise malfunction positioning, quick repair, and mass replacement of parts to completely remove failures. Leveraging its equipment health state diagnosis model and monitoring and repair system, the company is capable to repair freight trains in whole precisely based on their real-time status, achieving a high degree of intelligence and automation and significantly enhancing the efficiency and precision of train repair and maintenance. To solve key problems in train holding and transfer, the company lays out accurate daily train holding plans in accordance with each train’s arrival time while giving priority to trains below the red line of health status which have received alerts in the HCCBM system and integrated monitoring system. Moreover, while optimizing the transport organization plan, it analyzes the health status of train to be repaired and explores a model feature “checking before repair” or “synchronized checking and repair”. Such measures improve repair efficiency and train turnover rate, ensuring the quality of freight trains meets the demand of China Energy’s transportation tasks.

In addition, through conducting comprehensive checking and repair on freight trains, the company has overcome the impact of “planned, precautious repair” on transport organization and quickened the pace of optimized maintenance and repair. These measures help remove the “chronic disease” of malfunctioning trains in operation, reduce the number of temporarily detained trains for repair, strengthen the fixed grouping of freight trains, and maximally relieve pressure on repair stations along the railway, achieving high-standard operation of trains throughout the railway. Furthermore, this ensures the smooth integrated operation of China Energy by providing sufficient transport services for guaranteeing energy supply.

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