Independent Gen-III Hualong-1 reactor technology passes national review

from:China General Nuclear Power Groupdate:2014-08-22

Independent Gen-III Hualong-1 reactor technology passes national review-1

On August 21 to 22, the National Energy Administration (NEA) and the National Nuclear Safety Administration (NNSA) jointly organized an advisory panel composed of 43 academicians and experts to review the overall technical scheme of Hualong-1 reactor, a Gen-III nuclear power reactor design with self-reliant intellectual property rights. The review panel agreed that Hualong-1 had met all Gen-III nuclear power technical requirements in terms of maturity, safety and economics, and added that China now independently owns the intellectual property rights in its core design, equipment manufacturing as well as operation and maintenance technologies, which is available for independent export overseas. The Group suggested to launch the Hualong-1 demonstration project as soon as possible.

Following the meeting, China General Nuclear Power Group (CGN) and China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) signed a technical harmonization agreement on Hualong-1 1000 MWe class nuclear power reactor with independent intellectual property rights.

Its safety and performance indicators reach the international advanced level

Hualong-1 is a Gen-III reactor model up to the highest international safety standards with full combination of great efforts in advanced Gen-III nuclear power concepts and Fukushima accident feedback experience on the basis of over 30 years of CNNC’s and CGNPC’s practices in nuclear power research, design, manufacturing, construction and operation, of which the safety and performance indicators have reached the international advanced level in Gen-III nuclear power technologies.

Independent Gen-III Hualong-1 reactor technology passes national review-2

In the design innovation, Hualong-1 presents a safety design philosophy of “combination of active and passive features” with a 177-fuel assembly-core, diversified and redundant safety systems, single-reactor layout and double containments, with full implementation of the “defense in depth” design principle and establishment of thorough severe accident prevention and mitigation measures, etc.

Hualong-1, with complete independent intellectual property rights, has possessed a total of 743 patents and 104 software copyrights, covering design techniques, special design software, fuel technology, operation and maintenance techniques, satisfying the national strategy of going abroad. By making full use of the current established nuclear power equipment manufacturing system of China, the critical equipment and components are indigenously developed, presenting favorable economics with the equipment localization rate greater than 85% for the first-of-a-kind reactor demonstration project. At present, the preliminary preparations for the planned demonstration projects of CNNC and CGN are well underway, available for launching FCD.

This review meeting was presided by Liu Baohua, the Director of nuclear power department of National Energy Administration (NEA), Wu Xingxiong, the Director-General of NEA and Liu Hua, Chief Engineer of Nuclear Safety Department of Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) attended the meeting and made addresses. Liu Qi, a Deputy Director of NEA, Wang Dazhong, member of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Sun Qin, Chairman of CNNC, He Yu, Chairman of CGN, and Wang Zhongtang, a Deputy director of NNSA, as well as experts and representatives from NEA, NNSA, CAE (Chinese Academy of Engineering), CNEA (China Nuclear Energy Association), CMIF (China Machinery Industry Federation), Nuclear and Radiation Safety Center of MEP, CIECC (China International Engineering Consulting Corporation), EPPI (Electric Power Planning & Engineering Institute), Tsinghua university, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Harbin Engineering University, North China Electric Power University, CNNC, CGN, SNPTC, CNECC, CPI, etc. attended the meeting.

Chinese nuclear power enters the era of sailing out

The overall technical scheme of Hualong-1 reactor model passing national review means that after more than 30 years of self-reliant research and development, the indigenously designed Gen-III Hualong-1 reactor co-developed by CGN and CNNC has been recognized by the national authorities, which is of great significance for further promotion of the Hualong-1 demonstration project and its development in oversea markets.

Since this year, President Xi Jinping held the sixth meeting of central finance leading group to study the energy security strategy of China, while Premier Li Keqiang chaired the first meeting of the new national energy committee when the "China's energy development strategy action plan (2014-2020) " was approved. Energy revolution has become one of the key words of China's economic and social development. As the main force of non-fossil energy resources being advocated to vigorously develop, China's nuclear power development has entered a crucial period, facing a rare opportunity and challenge. In this background, China launched a "Hualong-1" reactor model, an independent Gen-III nuclear power technology, embodies the national strength and international competitiveness of scientific and technological innovation, highlighting our confidence and determination in leading nuclear power globally.

"With 'Hualong-1, China's nuclear power is able to sail out by itself instead of going out by borrowing boat, which is of great significance to the country, the people and the energy development. " Wu Xinxiong, Director-general of NEA said at the review meeting," as an important brand for China's nuclear power going out, 'Hualong-1' is to participate in the all-round international competition".

"'Hualong-1' is bearing the hope of China’s nuclear power going out." Liu Hua, Chief Engineer of nuclear safety department of MEP said at the meeting.

He Yu, Chairman of CGN said at the meeting, in a comprehensive view of the safety, technical and economic characteristics, Hualong-1 presents a better international market prospect compared with other reactor technologies. CGN commits to export Hualong-1 reactor technology under the leadership of the national unified deployment while boosting the demonstration project at home.

Besides, six proposals were put forward concerning Hualong-1:

a) to be firm at the strategy of indigenous innovation in nuclear power. Hualong-1 adopts the safety design concept with combination of active and passive features, 177-core and localized nuclear fuel assemblies, all of which are major technological innovations.

b) to give good reviews at a highly responsible attitude.

c) to fully absorb rational opinions and optimize the Hualong-1 design to ensure the perfect safety goals.

d) to accelerate the development of key components for the promotion of equipment localization.

e) to adhere to the principle of technical combination for going further and better.

f) to speed up China’s nuclear power going out based upon the Hualong-1 reactor technology.

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