CTG starts operation for NO.2 power unit at Changlongshan power station

from:China Three Gorges Corporationdate:2021-08-12

CTG starts operation for NO.2 power unit at Changlongshan power station-1

Changlongshan pumped storage power plant, owned by China Three Gorges Corporation (CTG), announced that it has started operation for its NO.2 power unit for the first time on August 4, officially entering the phase of commissioning with water, another important milestone following the official operation of its first power unit.

The generator structure of pumped storage power plant is more complex than that of conventional hydraulic generators as it has many connected equipment, complex operating conditions, difficult commissioning and long trial run cycle.

The pumped storage project stores and generates energy by moving water between two reservoirs at different elevations. At times of low power demand, like at night or on weekends, excess energy is used to pump water into an upper reservoir, while during periods of high demand, the stored water is released through turbines in the same manner as a conventional hydropower station.

As the NO.2 power unit has started operation, about 60 test programs will be conducted to ensure its long-term safe and stable operation.

As an important part of the new power system, pumped storage power plants provide main regulated power for the system. With functions like peak load regulation, frequency regulation, phase modulation, system backup and black start, they can promote the safe delivery and timely consumption of new energy sources such as wind and solar power, effectively improving the operating conditions of the power grid.

After putting its first power unit into operation on June 25, Changlongshan has delivered a total of 60 million kWh of clean electricity to the Yangtze River Delta during the peak demand period, giving full play to its role as a super "power bank" for the grid.

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