Henan Development and Reform Commission Sends Letter to Thank China Energy’s Effort in Guaranteeing Power Supply

from:China Energy Investment Corporationdate:2021-08-18

The Development and Reform Commission of Henan Province sent a letter on August 8 to China Energy to express appreciation for its effort in guaranteeing power supply for the province for a long time, especially the outstanding contributions made by the corporation’s Henan branch in stabilizing supply to meet the surging demand for power in summer and supporting the province’s post-disaster reconstruction and epidemic control.

At the turn of this summer, coal prices remained high. Hit by an unprecedented rainstorm, coal mining enterprises in Henan Province were forced to suspend production, and the railways to transport coal from other provinces were also cut off. In addition to the resurge of the COVID-19 epidemic, power plants were facing new challenges in maintaining normal operations. In this context, China Energy attached great importance to ensuring supply of coal used for power generation to Henan Province, closely tracked the latest changes of coal supply and storage, and took immediate actions to strengthen supply scheduling. In July, it supplied 70,000 tons of coal more than planned, and arranged 100,000 additional tons for August, so as to ensure fuel supply and maintain safe, stable operations of generation units in power plants in Henan.

Henan Xingyang Thermal Power Co., Ltd. under China Energy is a major electricity supplier for Zhengzhou, capital of Henan Province. During the floods, it took immediate actions to address emergencies including railroad landslides and industrial water supply interruption, and made every effort to ensure coal supply and generate electricity as scheduled. Henan Mengjin Power Co., Ltd. under China Energy formed a vanguard team comprised of Party members to unload coal transported by road in all-weather conditions, meeting the fuel need of power generation. Employees of Henan Jiyuan Co., Ltd. under the corporation worked hard for six days and six nights to restore industrial water supply, ensuring unstopped operations of generation units. Daling and Fengqiu wind farms under Henan New Energy Co., Ltd. responded to flooded tower tube pits, ensuring the normal operations of electricity generation equipment. From July 30 to August 8, all coal-fired generation units of its Henan branch maintained full operations, generating 100 million kWh of electricity each day.

Amidst the new round of COVID-19 outbreak, all power plants of China Energy’s Henan branch adopted a closed management approach. They took measures such as screening personnel entering and existing plants, conducting nucleic acid tests for all employees, and raising awareness of epidemic prevention and environment disinfection to prevent the spread of the virus and stabilize power generation. Those measures ensured them to ceaselessly provide clean power to support post-disaster reconstruction and epidemic control, and meet the needs of people’s lives.

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