China Hydrogen Alliance Convenes 4th Session of Its First Council, Liu Guoyue Elected as Director-General

from:China Energy Investment Corporationdate:2020-08-03

On July 29, the China National Alliance of Hydrogen and Fuel Cell (also known as the China Hydrogen Alliance) convened the fourth session of its first council. The session deliberated on eight topics including the replacement of the alliance’s director-general and the alliance’s 2019 work report. The meeting voted unanimously for Liu Guoyue, CEO of China Energy, to take over the position as director-general of the China Hydrogen Alliance. In addition, the China Hydrogen Alliance and the Hydrogen Council jointly released the Chinese-edition research report Road to Affordable Hydrogen.

Liu pointed out that the China Hydrogen Alliance will strive to grow into an authoritative think tank serving relevant government agencies, an “engine” for the commercialization of hydrogen energy, and a “server” for the development of its members. Next, the alliance will further promote compliant, efficient operations and strengthen the construction of its research institutes to address the bottlenecks hindering China’s development of key technologies related to hydrogen and fuel cells. It will also form a “research-standardization-incubation” industrial value chain and complete the construction of the National Hydrogen Innovation Center and the Hydrogen Industry Big Data Center as soon as possible. Moreover, the alliance will strengthen the construction of hydrogen industrial ecosystem, accelerate the high-quality development of the hydrogen industry, establish a hydrogen industry development fund, and advance the in-depth integration with the de-carbon process of traditional industries such as manufacturing, transportation and construction. All of these measures aim to create a healthy industrial ecosystem for hydrogen development.

China Energy is actively promoting the R&D of key hydrogen technologies and equipment. It took the lead in joining the Hydrogen Council, initiated the establishment of the China Hydrogen Alliance, and participated in the formulation of China’s first white paper on the development of the hydrogen and fuel cell industries. In addition, it led the Research of China’s Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Development Strategy, a major advisory project of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and many other major national R&D programs. The company has also developed and demonstrated key technologies for the large-scale wind and solar powered hydrogen production, storage, transmission and utilization system, taken active action to explore the application of key technologies for hydrogen stations, and led the formulation of relevant industrial and technical standards. The 35/70MPa hydrogen station technical control system and the 35MPa hydrogen dispenser it developed have been put into commercial use.

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