China Energy CSR Report Honored at 3rd Beijing CSR Exhibition

from:China Energy Investment Corporationdate:2020-11-20

At the Third Beijing CSR Exhibition held on November 12-13, China Energy Investment Corporation CSR Report 2019 was rated Five Star, the group company won a Corporate Social Responsibility Excellence Award and the title of Top 30 Chinese Enterprises in Social Responsibility, and the poverty alleviation work by Inner Mongolia Pingzhuang Coal Group under China Energy was selected among 50 Best Practices of Chinese Enterprises in Targeted Poverty Alleviation. This is the third consecutive year for China Energy CSR Report to win a five-star rating, ranking the company 18th among 2020 Top 300 Chinese Enterprises by CSR Development Index.

In 2019, the group made all-out efforts to strengthen the monitoring of ecological and environmental protection, accelerate the transition from fossil fuels to clean and low-carbon energy, promote the large-scale production of clean energy, and play an exemplary role in practicing the concept of green development. In addition, continuous measures were taken to improve the organizational system for poverty alleviation and enhance relief efforts, aiming to help the nine designated poverty alleviation counties rise from poverty. Adopting “enterprise-style management and socialized operation” concepts, China Energy Foundation strived to build brand by investing 560 million yuan to carry out 128 charitable poverty alleviation projects, which have benefited more than 2 million people.

After the outbreak of COVID-19, China Energy immediately donated 118.65 million yuan (including supplies) to Hubei Province. During the fight against the epidemic, all 70 coal mines of the company maintained production amid strict prevention and control measures to secure coal supply for the entire country, especially Hubei Province. All its railway companies strengthened transportation organization to ensure smooth, stable traffic and safe and orderly transportation.

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