Baoshen Railway Sees Significant Improvement in Transportation Capacity after a Year of Reorganization

from:China Energy Investment Corporationdate:2020-11-27

By November 23, after one year of reorganization and integration, Baoshen Railway Group under China Energy had transported 272 million tons of cargo, 1.04 million tons more than the preset target for the year, and completed large logistics of nearly 5.43 million tons, 1.71 million tons more than the preset target. This indicates its transportation capacity has been significantly enhanced.

Baoshen Railway Sees Significant Improvement in Transportation Capacity after a Year of Reorganization-1

The Baotou-Shenmu Railway is always busy with trains.

Over the past year, all employees of Baoshen Railway Group have worked with one heart to carry forward the mission to promote reorganization in the spirit of inclusiveness, integration and harmony. As a result, the group’s reorganization has proceeded smoothly, its transportation and production volumes hit new highs, and its safety management has steadily improved, achieving no Class-C or above railway traffic accidents for 7,972 successive days and no serious injury or above accidents for 7,975 successive days.

Through integrating resources, opening up congested nodes, and maximally enhancing logistics channel capacity over the past year, Baoshen Railway Group has increased the number of trains operating between the south line of the Baotou-Shenmu Railway and the Shenmu-Shuozhou line from 102 to 110 pairs and that through the boundaries at South Shenchi Station from 200 to 210 pairs, enhancing its annual transport capacity by 15 million tons. The group has deepened the transport market-oriented reform by changing its operational mode from “waiting for customers” to “looking for customers” and endeavored to tap transport potential. It has formed a transport pricing system featuring “interaction and mutual assurance between volumes and prices,” adopted a tiered pricing policy, and taken measures to maintain existing clients while seeking new ones, expanding the “east-to-west coal transportation” market in Ningdong area and the inverse transport market. It has also endeavored to promote container transportation and achieve effective alignment between different transport modes, pushing “large logistics” to a new level. In the first 10 months of this year, it completed non-coal transportation of 4.93 million tons, increasing by 1.08 million tons or 28.2 percent compared to the same period last year. In addition, the group has improved locomotive utilization efficiency by prolonging locomotive routing, adopting the mode of “separated operations of ground and onboard crews” and shortening the operational time of locomotives.

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