NICE Wins the Best Frontier Energy Storage Technological Innovation Award

from:China Energy Investment Corporationdate:2020-10-21

Recently, the new-generation flow battery technology independently developed by the National Institute of Clean-and-Low-Carbon Energy (NICE) under China Energy was granted the Best Frontier Energy Storage Technological Innovation Award of 2020 by the Organizing Committee of China International Battery Fair (CIBF). This year’s CIBF was hosted by China Industrial Association of Power Sources. Winning the award indicates that NICE has earn recognition in the battery industry for its innovation in energy storage technology, enhancing its influence in the industry.

NICE Wins the Best Frontier Energy Storage Technological Innovation Award-1

New-generation flow batteries.

The new-generation flow battery technology developed by NICE is based on the research of vanadium chemicals. The institute has grasped more than 10 core technologies, represented by high-power density battery stack, and forged a new-type multi-dimensional, low-cost energy storage technology integrating “materials, structure and technology.” It has developed the new-generation low-cost flow battery stack ranging from 1 to 15 Kw and relevant energy storage system module. At present, NICE’s flow battery technology has led its counterparts in terms of power density, cycle life, current density, power efficiency and other indicators. According to technical and economic analyses, compared to current conventional flow battery systems, the new-generation flow battery system developed by NICE can cut one-time investment by 30 percent, and the cost of its full life cycle is lower than 0.25 yuan per kWh. This proves that it has prominent advantages compared with other battery technological routes.

The new-generation flow battery technology, which is safer, smarter and more efficient and economical, can be applicable to various energy storage scenarios. It can provide key technical support for China Energy to develop the emerging energy storage industry and formulate a long-term plan for safe, low-cost, durable and recyclable battery technology and business.

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