China Energy Achieves Breakthroughs in Onshore Power Supply Pilot Application

from:China Energy Investment Corporationdate:2022-02-11

China Energy completed high- or low-voltage onshore power supply (OPS) installation for 19 vessels in 2021. So far, all of the 61 vessels owned by China Energy have been equipped with current-receiving facilities, making it China’s first enterprise to equip all its oceanic and river bulk cargo carriers with OPS facilities. This also means that the corporation has accomplished the goal of “achieving 100% vessel OPS coverage” ahead of schedule in the drive to strengthen China’s transportation capability.

The introduction of OPS for vessels anchoring in ports is an important measure taken by China to prevent and control air pollution, as well as a priority task undertaken by China Energy in enhancing China’s strength in transportation. The goal of the task was to “achieve 100% OPS coverage for terminals and vessels and 70% OPS coverage for vessels owned by China Energy in the short run and 100% coverage in the long run” through comprehensively advancing the terminal and bulk cargo carrier OPS reconstruction and improving relevant technical standards and norms, so as to set a replicable model for green ports and green shipping.

To solve problems like huge early investment, long construction period, great impact on shipping, lack of unified technical standards, and low connection rate in OPS facilities reconstruction projects, China Energy insisted on innovation-driven high-quality development of the shipping industry and took the lead in promoting vessel-oriented OPS equipment R&D, overcoming technical bottlenecks, and putting relevant research results into practice. The company is the first in China to equip bulk cargo carriers with high-voltage OPS equipment, playing a pioneering and demonstrative role in OPS application in the shipping industry.

To date, China Energy has realized regular OPS utilization in its vessels anchoring in ports. For example, Tianjin Port has achieved full OPS coverage, and Huanghua Port has become the bulk cargo port with the highest OPS capacity and utilization rate in China. In addition, the terminal OPS coverage for the corporation’s power plants has surpassed 80%, and the OPS connection rate of vessels owned by China Energy has exceeded 70%. Moreover, China Energy has formulated and promulgated its own vessel and terminal OPS technical standards, and its Specifications for Vessel OPS Technology Application is being formulated.

China Energy is an active advocate for green port and green shipping technology and boasts advantageous integrated port-shipping management and a sound shipping network. Achieving the goal of “100% vessel OPS coverage” paved the way for the corporation to accomplish the tasks it undertakes in the drive to strengthen China’s transportation capability and provided advanced experience for China’s vessel and port OPS facilities construction and reconstruction, which plays an exemplary role for China’s water transport sector in upgrading energy structure and strengthening air pollution control.

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