Shendong Coal Constructs the Industry’s First Full-time and Full-integration Data Warehouse

from:China Energy Investment Corporationdate:2021-08-27

As of August 20, the production data warehouse self-developed by Shendong Coal Group had collected data of 10,145 sets of equipment in 14 shafts in 13 mines, with 267,996 monitoring sites in use, and the total size of data reached 1.4775 trillion pieces and 6.56T, with a daily increase of more than 2 billion pieces. The establishment of the data warehouse is a major step forward in the digitalization of the coal industry. It provides Shendong solutions to data collection, management and application, laying a solid foundation for intelligent mining management.

With the accelerated digital and intelligent development of the coal industry, production data of mines, generally considered “infrastructure” of intelligent coal mining, has drawn more and more attention. The standardized collection, centralized storage, and controllable, visualized and intelligent analysis of production data is the foundation for intelligent mining, and the data warehouse serves as the core of the foundation. At present, Shendong Coal’s data warehouse stores about 80 percent of all data from 14 shafts of the company’s 13 mines, with 4.5 billion new pieces added each day. Subsequently, Shendong Coal will carry out data collection in its coal washing and selecting center, ground units, and the remaining parts of underground mines. With this effort, the number of its monitoring sites in use is expected to reach 600,000 to 800,000.

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