Gas Monitoring in Baode Coal Mine of Shendong Coal Enters the Era of Wireless Intelligence

from:China Energy Investment Corporationdate:2021-07-22

By July 14, the wireless monitoring sensor system of Baode Coal Mine of Shendong Coal under China Energy installed underground had undergone a trial operation for one week, which effectively solved the disadvantages of underground wired transmission. This marks the beginning of the era of wireless intelligence for gas monitoring of Baode Coal Mine.

This system is composed of KZC24 intrinsically-safe mineral signal converter and GJ100W mineral wireless full-range methane sensor. The converter organizes and guides sensor nodes with the same network address to join the converter network through a wireless data transceiver module, while establishing a communication link between wireless sensor nodes and the converter.

The sensor has the functions of infrared remote-control adjustment, Zigbee wireless data communication, fault self-diagnosis, carrier catalytic element protection, electricity monitoring, etc. It features high measurement accuracy, extreme low power consumption, convenient debugging and maintenance, and long standby time. It is small in size and portable, water-proof, dust-proof and impact-resistant. It can also effectively adapt to various underground environments.

The wireless monitoring system has transformed the underground methane probe from wired to wireless, and solved the difficulties of underground wiring and power supply. Meanwhile, it also removes the inconveniences caused by the following situations: personnel are unable to reach the targeted location; working locations change frequently; or blind spots exist for monitoring. It has the functions of local display, data uploading, and over-limit audible and visual alarm, thus serving as a flexible, reliable and shared information system for mine safety monitoring.

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