CHD is Deepening Integration of Industrial and Financial Services

from:China Huadian Corporation

BEIJING, May 14 -- In order to further promote the integration of the industrial and financial services, China Huadian Overseas Asset Management Co., Ltd. ("the Company" hereinafter) plays a vital role as the overseas financing platform, seizes the favorable time window to explore ways to introduce overseas low-cost funds and provide cross-border financing services to CHD and associated companies. 


Under the leadership of CHD’s finance department, the Company has made substantial progress towards piloting and scaling up cross-border financing. Several cross-border financing pilot programs including external deposit and internal loan, cross-border two-way cash pool of local and foreign currency and cross-border direct financing have been completed, substantiating multiple goals, such as building up cross-border capital channels, reducing financing costs and enhancing CHD's ability to coordinate between domestic and international markets and resources.


With the first cross-border financing successfully completed in 2018, the Company has completed funds amounting to 2.5 billion yuan across borders, amongst 1 billion yuan was completed in 2020.   


Cross-border financing is a complex and large-scaled systemic process from piloting to normalization. CHD’s finance department plays the leading role in promoting cross-border financing and top-level design. It held several meetings to discuss cross-financing pilot programs, and conducted systematic review and assessment after the completion of each pilot program. It has also formulated standardized cross-border financing work frame and has been implementing integrated management of cross-border financing to provide a strong institutional guarantee for the standardized, normalized and large-scale development of the cross-border financing of CHD in the long run.

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