The first unit of Huaneng Lower Se-San River II Hydropower Station started power generation


The first unit of Huaneng Lower Se-San River II Hydropower Station started power generation

The first unit of Huaneng Lower Se-San River II Hydropower Station started power generation-1

At 9 am on December 9, 2017 (local time), the first unit of the longest dam in Asia and the largest hydropower project in Cambodia --- Huaneng Lower Se-San River II Hydropower Station successfully completed 72-hour trial operation and was formally put into operation.

Located on the main stream of Se-San River in Stung Treng Province in the northeast of Cambodia, Huaneng Lower Se-San River II Hydropower Station has a dam of 6.5km long and has a total planned installed capacity of 400MW which accounts for more than 1/5 of the national total. The power station employs eight 50MW bulb tubular units made in China, whose rated head and unit capacity are at the forefront of the world among similar units. The project commenced in October 2013 and started reservoir impoundment on September 25, 2017, and is expected to put all units into operation by October 2018.

Cambodia has a serious shortage of electricity now and needs to import about 1200GWh of electricity from abroad every year. Upon completion of Huaneng Lower Se-San River II Hydropower Station, the average annual electricity generation will reach 1970GWh, which will greatly alleviate the shortage of local power supply and reduce the cost of local power consumption, with great significance to accelerating the economic development of Cambodia.

Following the mode of "localized" management, the power station attracts and trains Cambodian employees to participate in operation and management, providing more job opportunities for local workers and further harmonizing the relationship between the company and local communities. Huaneng attaches great importance to the benefits of resettlement residents during construction, and has greatly improved the living conditions of local people through the construction of roads, new resettlement villages and donation to students, etc.

The power station is invested, developed and operated by Huaneng Lower Se-San River II Hydropower Co., Ltd. in the mode of BOT (Build – Operate – Transfer). All main electromechanical equipments are imported from China, aiming to promote the "going out" combining Chinese technology, Chinese equipment and Chinese management by adopting Chinese standards, and enhance the influence of "Made in China" in Cambodia and Southeast Asia. During construction of the project, a variety of difficulties including adverse natural environment, diseases, shortage of construction resources, inconvenience of equipment transportation and traffic were overcome, and the safety, quality and schedule of the project were effectively controlled, so that the first unit succeeded both in first-time start and first-time 72-hour trial operation. The project construction and management were highly recognized by the Government of Cambodia and related experts.

As an important project in Cambodia’s energy construction, the project is another achievement of the “Belt and Road” Initiative and a “window project” of Huaneng’s hydropower development in Southeast Asia. The construction and operation mode of the power station will become a model for China-Cambodia energy cooperation.

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