Reliable Power Supplies to Five Southern Provinces Ensured by CSG

from:China Southern Power Griddate:2021-07-29

Guangzhou - As economic activities thrive and the scorching summer heat waves arrive, the demand for power supplies in the five southern provinces continue to rise to new highs in July.
On July 13, 216 MW of electricity was dispatched by China Southern Power Grid engineers during the daytime peak hours … smashing previous records for the sixth time and increasing by 8.21 percent over last year.
With a thorough grip on the power supply and demand in the southern region, China Southern Power Grid senior managers emphasizes early estimation, preparation, and deployment of electrical resources to meet the region’s rising needs.
As a platform, the Company continually optimizes its operation mechanism to ensure a reliable and orderly supply of electricity to the five southern provinces.
This year as China’s economy rebounds from the COVID-19 pandemic and industrial production continues to pick up - all combine to a rapid growth of electricity demand. From January to June, electricity consumption in the five southern provinces of Guangdong, Guangxi, Yunnan, Guizhou, and Hainan increased in double digits - to 690 GWh, up by 20.4% on year-on-year basis and a new historic record for the same annual period.
In Guangdong, the amount of load and electricity consumption of all sectors saw an unexpected growth and the latter reached 364.3 GWh, representing an increase of 22.9% year on year and a biennial average growth of 9.70%, both a record high in nearly 10 years.
To avoid all potential power outages, China Southern Power Grid engineering staff keeps a close eye on the economic trend, weather changes, rainfall, coal and gas supplies, business resumption and electricity load fluctuation in the five southern provinces.
The entire CSG engineering team endeavors to strike a balance between the region’s demand and load on its grid, ensuring reliable power supply and optimal allocation of resources.
The power supply and demand are balanced cross provinces. As an organizational platform, China Southern Power Grid senior managers make full use of the West-East Electricity Transmission Project to adjust how much load is on the grid, so much so that every province can be assured of an even-flow of reliable electrical power supplies.
During the first six months of 2021, the electricity transmitted through the West-East Electricity Transmission Project to totaled 87.91 GWh, up by 8.3%.
West-East Electricity Transmission Project progress is accelerated to enhance power supply capacity. By stepping up efforts to improve the maintenance, operation, and commissioning of its equipment, CSG has enhanced capacities to guarantee power supply to every household.
For example: the Guangdong Power Grid Corporation is set to put four of its power transmission and substation projects into operation ahead of schedule and initiate another new project. In doing so, the transmission capacity of Guangdong province will be estimated to increase by 5.8 to 6.2 MW.
Preparations are already well underway to promote well-arranged power consumption. Advising the government to make policies through firm approval procedures, CSG senior managers have led the effort in power usage management as staff assist users adjust their production plans.
According to the statistics from the Guangdong Power Grid Corporation, electricity consumption of the industrial sector, which accounts for the majority of electricity consumption, achieved a biennial average growth rate of 7.80%, up by 4.0 percentage points compared with the period of the 13th Five-Year Plan.
In other words, the peaks of power consumption is being staggered while production continues at full swing. Guangdong Power Grid Corporation senior managers have likewise adopted market-based measures to strike more deals balancing power supply and demand.
China Southern Power Grid will continue to follow the changes in electricity demand in the southern region and enhance its ability of supply and of deciding how much power load is needed in the five provinces.
The Company will also promote the development of new energy and create a new types of power systems with new energy as the mainstay to ensure stable supply of electricity to China’s vital southern region.

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