CSG Issues White Paper on New Digital Grid

from:China Southern Power Griddate:2021-05-30

Guangzhou - Senior managers from China Southern Power Grid are pleased to announce the issuance of a new White Paper on Digital Grid to Build a New Power System with New Energy at Its Core during a press conference here in Guangzhou.
According to the white paper, the new digital grid system will feature an in-depth integration of digital and physical systems, with data flow leading and optimizing energy and business flow as the Company envisions a fully transparent digital grid operation.
China Southern Power Grid engineers are expected to step up efforts to develop its digital grid and create additional digital platforms with strong data management and computing capabilities to promote its growing data-driven business. The Company will openly cooperate with other stakeholders in the energy ecosystem to achieve mutual benefits and collaborative innovations.
The new system will reimagine the role of the power grid as the core hub for consuming new energy in high volume will become even more remarkable.
By applying digital technology, CSG senior managers aim to make use of new energy more visualized and measurable as engineers work continually to upgrade the power system.
Electricity generation equipment powered by new energy sources such as solar and wind, is expected to become a key part in the power system control process.
In addition, China Southern Power Grid engineers will continue to use digital technology to enhance its main power grid and flexible distribution network and build an AC-DC hybrid distribution grid and smart micro grid based on local conditions and improve its transmission capacity of distributed power sources by making the grid more flexible to varied needs.
The supply of power is moving towards decarbonization with additional of green electrical resources - including solar and wind - and the proportion of electricity in end-use energy consumption will grow more quickly. To adapt to the new power system, CSG senior managers are expected to use digital technology to build a modern power supply service system with high efficiency to create a better customer experience and promoting business innovation with the best service for all business and leisure customers.
The Company is expected to redouble efforts to build a uniform power market in its key the southern regional markets including the major metropolis of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area to enrich a variety of transactions in this marketplace which likewise is expected to create more diverse trading modes to meet market demands.
During the 14th and 15th Five-Year Plan periods, China Southern Power Grid is set to add another 100 million KW of installed capacity generated by renewable resources (wind and solar) in its key five southern provinces. This reflects a growth capacity that will be increased from the current 50 million KW to 250 million KW in 2030, helping China reach its peak reduction in carbon dioxide emissions.

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