Power Consumption Soared by More Than 10% in Five Provinces of Southern China

from:China Electricity Councildate:2021-01-03

Power Consumption Soared by More Than 10% in Five Provinces of Southern China-1

Tuanjie transformer substation, CSG's first 220 kV smart transformer substation, was has been placed into operation, providing sufficient electricity for the construction of the advanced equipment manufacturing base, the modern logistics hub and the eco-friendly agricultural zone on the west bank of the Pearl River. On December 8, the day before the new 110 kV transmitting lines of Tuanjie transformer substation was put into use, the workers of Zhongshan Power Supply Bureau were testing the relay protection set.

Guangzhou - In November, the total power consumption of the five southern provinces saw a more than 10% rise year-on-year, up to 112.8 TWh.

During the first 11 months of Year 2020, the total power consumption in those areas amounted to 1183.6 TWh, a year-on-year increase of 4.4%; and that of the five months of second half of Year 2020 was 4% higher than that of the first half year, indicating that power demand was increasing sharply.

With the accelerated recovery of the economy since June, the power demands in the areas supplied by China Southern Power Grid have increased significantly. The unified dispatching load of CSG broke seven industrial records, with the highest load close to 200 GW, for a remarkable a 7% year-on-year increase.

In terms of total power consumption, November 2020 witnessed a rapid increase in Guangdong, Guangxi, and Yunnan by provinces and regions, with growth rates of 9.9%, 8.8%, and 17.4% respectively. In particular, that of Yunnan Province, has maintained double-digit growth for five straight months.

Additionally, Guizhou and Hainan Provinces have seen gradual increase of 5.5% and 3.1% respectively year-on-year. By industries, the five provinces have seen sharp increases in all the primary, secondary, and tertiary industries during November, with growth rates of 9.5%, 11.3%, and 9.1% respectively.

In terms of power transmitted from the west, China Southern Power Grid overfulfilled its monthly plan of transmitting 14.6 TWh of power in November with an additional 3.2 TWh, a year-on-year increase of 25.6%, which marked the sixth  consecutive months of positive growth.

From January to November, the electricity transmitted from West to East reached 215.8 TWh, an increase of 1.3% over last year and of 31.3 TWh over the yearly plan. It not only achieved positive growth for the first time in the year, but also exceeded 200 TWh totally for four consecutive years.

In terms of market-based transaction volume, a total of 2.5 TWh of power was traded among the five provinces in November, with a year-on-year increase of 149%.

The intra-provincial transaction volume in those five provinces reached a total of  45.9 TWh for a 20% increase. The ratio of market-based transaction reached 48.9%, reducing the power price by RMB 0.06 per kWh in average and power costs of RMB 2.74 billion in total.

In the last 11 months, the inter-provincial transaction volume of the five provinces was 31.8 TWh, remaining flat from last year; the intra-provincial transaction volume hit 447 TWh, a year-on-year increase of 20.7%.

The ratio of market-based transaction reached 44.8%, reducing the power price by RMB 0.068 per kWh in average, and power costs by RMB 30.4 billion in total.

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