Daduhe Puts into Operation China’s First Anti-leakage Dam Concrete Supply System

from:China Electricity Councildate:2022-03-22

On February 28, China’s first anti-leakage dam concrete supply system was put into operation at the Shuangjiangkou Hydropower Station in Sichuan Province, operated by Dadu River Hydropower Development Co., Ltd. under China Energy. The mixing system and several technologies such as pipe conveyors adopted by the concrete supply system are the first of their kinds in the world. Besides, several kinds of equipment including mixers and intelligent water-adding systems had never before used in the industry. The launch of the system indicated that the Shuangjiangkou Hydropower Station entered a stage of intelligent management in terms of anti-leakage dam concrete supply.

Daduhe Puts into Operation China’s First Anti-leakage Dam Concrete Supply System-1

The anti-leakage dam concrete supply system

The Shuangjiangkou Hydropower Station, located in the upper reaches of the Dadu River, is building a world-leading high dam with a total earthwork volume of 45 million cubic meters, which represents the highest level of earth-rockfill dam design and construction projects around the world.

To meet the high dams’ needs for accurate and quality earth-rock mixing while considering the limited reserve and space of its anti-leakage concrete stockyard, the Shuangjiangkou Branch of Dadu River Hydropower Development Co., Ltd. completed the anti-leakage dam concrete supply system comprised of eight belt conveyers and the mixing system, intelligent water-adding system, and stockpiling system. It can automatically mix and convey 1,400 tons of concrete each hour. As a result, it helps achieve continual, efficient concrete production and overcome problems such as low mixing accuracy, limited space, and high investment, effectively guaranteeing the construction schedule.

The system features belt conveyors with a total length of nearly 8,500 meters, including a 4,000-meter space-curve belt conveyor and pipe conveyor, a downward U-type deep-trench belt conveyor with a dip angle of 24.1 degrees, and a suspended belt conveyor with a slope angle of 45 degrees. It marks a major breakthrough in the development of construction technology.

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