CEC held "China Electricity Theme Day 2019"

from:China Electricity Councildate:2019-07-29

CEC held "China Electricity Theme Day 2019"


On 26th July,to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of China, to commemorate the 137th anniversary of China have electricity, the China Electricity Council (hereinafter referred to as "CEC") held the "China Power Theme Day 2019" in Beijing,with theme of "Seventy years of glory, a new era of endeavor",through the theme speech of "China Power Good Story", the society has concentrated on demonstrating the great achievements of the power industry in the past 70 years.Yang Kun, executive president of CEC, delivered a speech. The event was hosted by Wang Zhixuan, the  vice president of CEC.


In the speech, Yangkun summarized the great achievements made by China's electric power industry in the past 70 years, and the spirit of the people of electric power who are willing to dedicate, dare to climb, innovate and forge ahead. Here are some data about 2019: in the first half of the year, China installed 11.4 GW of photovoltaic power, with 6.82 GW of photovoltaic power stations,4.58 GW of distributed pv .Photovoltaic power generation reached 106.7 TWh, up 30% year-on-year;Hydro generation increased 11.8%,reached 513.8TWh;Hydro capacity added 1.82GW,the total hydro capacity is 354GW;By the end of June, wind power installed capacity is 193 GW,and generation capacity is  214.5 TWh, up 11.5% year-on-year.


About 150 people participated in the activities of the day, including the leaders of CEC, the heads of relevant departments and relevant personnel, and the news media.

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