CEC Fuel Branch proposes coal-fired power generation enterprises strengthening fuel management to ensure power supply

from:China Electricity Councildate:2020-05-26

On May 21, 2020, the Fuel Branch of CEC issued an nationwide initiative to the coal-fired power generation enterprises to strengthen fuel management and ensure the power supply during the "two sessions" and  the summer peak. The key points of the initiative include:

1. Take initiatives to undertake social responsibilities. Overcome the impact of disadvantage factors such as the COVID-19 and the blocked industrial chain, stabilize the procurement and storage of coal used for electricity supply during the summer peak as always, and ensure the security of electricity supply as always.

2. Strengthen fuel management of electricity supply. Coal-fired power generation enterprises should actively promote the signing of annual medium and long-term contracts for coal procurement. Strengthen market forecasting and scientifically formulate plans for coal procurement and reserves and emergency plans;

3. Strengthen the building of credibility. The coal-fired power generation enterprises should build their credibility and strengthen self-discipline of the industry, strictly perform the medium and long-term contracts, and strive for a healthy and orderly operated coal market.

4. Actively stabilize the coal market. The coal-fired power generation enterprises should timely adjust the strategy of coal procurement plan based on the analysis of  the demand for power generation and consumption and the coal market fluctuations , , and strive to guide the price of coal within a reasonable range.

5. Orderly purchase imported coal. The coal-fired power generation enterprises should give full play to the important supporting role of imported coal for power plants in coastal areas of China during the summer peak, , and import high-quality  coal orderly.

The Fuel Branch of CEC calls on coal-fired power generation enterprises to strengthen communication and coordination, maintain the stability of the coal market, and contribute to supporting the resumption of the industry.

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