Zhang Jianhua of National Energy Administration visited China Electricity Council

from:China Electricity Councildate:2021-03-15

Zhang Jianhua of National Energy Administration visited China Electricity Council-1

On March 4th, Zhang Jianhua, Director of National Energy Administration (NEA) visited China Electricity Council (CEC), joined by delegates from General Department, Development Planning Department, Energy Conservation and Technology Equipment Department, Electric Power Department, Market Supervision Department, Power Safety Supervision Department and Reliability and Quality Supervision Center of NEA. 

Mr. Yang Kun, Executive Vice President, on behalf of CEC, extended a warm welcome to Director Zhang and his delegation. After introducing CEC’s service to the power industry commissioned by government and the future work plan, he specified his proposals on power development planning, power industry statistics, power reliability, power engineering quality supervision management, power project cost management and standardization of electricity, etc.

Zhang Jianhua of National Energy Administration visited China Electricity Council-2

Director Zhang highly appreciated the work done by CEC, especially its role as a home to its members, a high-end think tank with high authority and tremendous influence and an important bridge connecting government and enterprises, has played an important role in fields of industry statistics, professional service, international cooperation and research on major issues of industry development. CEC has been actively offering valuable advice and suggestions on energy transition, clean and efficient utilization of coal power, new energy development, construction of electricity market and climate change solutions, providing effective reference for government’s decision-making.

Director Zhang hopes CEC would continue expanding its service in power statistics and analysis, taking full advantage of talents and its member enterprises, and provide strong support for government’s macro-control while guarantying the safe and stable supply of energy. He also expected CEC to enhance research efforts on clean and low carbon energy transition by leveraging its high-end think tank, in order to make greater contribution to high quality development of the power industry.

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