Xia Zhong Led a Team to Visit the Member Companies of Hydropower and Clean Energy Industries

from:China Electricity Councildate:2021-07-19

Xia Zhong Led a Team to Visit the Member Companies of Hydropower and Clean Energy Industries-1

Jul 12, 2021 /CEC/ - From July 05 to 07, 2021, Xia Zhong, the Vice President of China Electricity Council (CEC), led a team to visit SPIC Yunnan International Power Investment Co., Ltd., Huaneng Lancang River Hydropower Co., Ltd. and Baihetan Hydropower Station of the Three Gorges Group. Xu Songlin, the Deputy Secretary General of CEC and the staff from the Industry Development & Environment Protection Department of CEC joined the visit.

During the visit, the three member companies introduced their company background, current problems and the strategies for future development. Besides, the companies also expressed their “wish list”to the CEC team. The CEC team had further discussion on the issues of  the planning and construction of hydropower and clean energy, the consumption and subsidies, the ecological and environmental protection red line and the clean and low-carbon etc.

Xia Zhong highly rated the achievements of the three member companies on the ecological and environmental protection. In the meantime, he also proposed that the power industry should focus more on the synergic development between the ecological environmental protection and the climate change, so as to provide the strong support to the construction of the New Type Power System.

The current eco-environmental protection situation and problems of hydropower and clean energy industries is one of the key survey points of CEC in 2021. This survey is mainly aimed at the ecological and environmental problems caused by how to effectively deal with large-scale and centralized development and utilization of hydropower and clean energy, which is generally reflected by the most power companies, so as to promote the coordinated development of power industry in addressing climate change and ecological and environmental protection, and reach the nation’s carbon peak and carbon neutrality targets.

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