The company's main business covers high-voltage relay protection dedicated transformer series, low-voltage distribution network with special transformer series, Hall sensor series, intelligent transmitter series, new energy for power series five business systems. Tianrui Electronics is China's earliest with independent development and production of high voltage relay dedicated transformers one of the few manufacturers, with 20 years of power sensor design, production experience, as well as the operation of the field experience accumulated for the State Grid Electric Power Automation Equipment Advanced and reliability, and it is the main drafting unit of the current ”Miniature Current Transformer“ JB / T 10665, ”Microvoltage Transformer“ JB / T 10667 industry standard, which has obvious advantages in product and technology starting point At present, the company has always been at the forefront of the domestic power sensor market and is expected to occupy a leading position in the next 2 trillion distribution network construction and renovation action plan. Transmission and distribution and control equipment is widely used in power systems, rail transportation, automobile manufacturing and other fields, with good market prospects. The continuous growth of electricity consumption in the whole society has provided a broad space for development for power transmission and distribution and control equipment industries. As the distribution network is an indispensable part of power transmission and use, the growth of power demand will drive the demand for transmission, distribution and control equipment, which in turn will lead the development of the power sensor industry.
  With the rapid development of national power electronics, the share of traditional sensors in the future may gradually decrease, and new sensors such as future smart sensors and new high-voltage sensors will gradually occupy this market. Faced with this market situation, the company set up R & D 2 in 2017 and invested 2 million RMB to establish a high-pressure laboratory, which has created conditions for the Company to continuously improve its sustainability management and core competitiveness. The current research project ”new high-pressure sensor“ has made phased progress.
  1) High pressure laboratory was created (pressure laborer, shielding laboratory, precision error laboratory, high and low temperature alternating hot and humid laboratory);
  2) developed a resistive divider-type electronic voltage sensor, passed the precision test, pressure PD test, high and low temperature test, anti-interference test;
  3) developed a capacitive voltage divider-type electronic voltage sensor, after the accuracy test, pressure PD test 4) is developing 20kV DC electronic transformer;
  5) The initial realization of electronic sensors and some manufacturers of the joint transfer. The success of the new high-pressure sensor research and development marks that the company's R & D level and the strength of the company have reached a new level and will surely bring the company a new profit growth point and core competitiveness in the next few years.

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