Ring Main Unit Voltage Sensor
Ring Main Unit Voltage Sensor Ring Main Unit Voltage Sensor Ring Main Unit Voltage Sensor

Ring Main Unit Voltage Sensor

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Aiming at the problem that it is difficult to implement the transformation of distribution automation in the narrow space of 10kV ring network cabinet, Tianrui Electronics has introduced the distribution network voltage sensor with full insulation, full shielding, particial discharge-free and high stability, which effectively solves the key technical problems of two-remote/three-remote automation transformation.

TR-EVT-10H type ring network cabinet voltage sensor adopts the principle of capacitor voltage division, silicon rubber vacuum casting process, from the ring network cabinet installation application divided into front connector type and rear connector type, can output phase voltage signal and zero sequence voltage signal.


Full shield design:The outer surface of the sensor is all shielded grounding conductor, fully matching the ring network cabinet application;

Safe and reliable:There will be no magnetic circuit saturation and no hidden danger of ferromagnetic resonance accidents. Ultra-large margin without partial discharge design;

Full insulation design:The outside of the sensor adopts the cable accessory insulation method, and the inner insulation adopts the vacuum potting of the uniform electric field capacitor voltage divider, and the insulation safety margin is large.

Saving resources:Small size, light weight, low energy consumption, no need to transform the ring network cabinet;

High precision, no iron core, wide frequency range, large measurement dynamic range, good linearity, strong anti-interference;

Flexible application, suitable for all kinds of ring network cabinets of different specifications;

Type Parameters
Model NO. TR-EVT-10H
Rated Primary Voltage 10kV /
Primary Terminal Mark: A、B、C
Ground Terminal Mark: N
Rated Secondary Output Phase Voltage:3.25V /  ;Zero Sequence Voltage: 6.5V / 3
ACCURACY Phase Voltage:0.5 / 3P Level   ;Zero Sequence Voltage: 1 / 3P Level
Rated Load 2 MΩ    (Note: 2MΩ for factory test; Load)
Rated Frequency 50Hz
Insulation level 12 / 42 / 75 kV  (Note: Tested with cable accessories fully installed)
Partial Discharge ≤10pC (Measure partial discharge value at 14.4kV)
Executive Standard T/ZDG018-2018 Technical conditions for 10kV and 20kV AC sensors in distribution network
Working temperature -40℃~+70℃
Product Structure Diagram Display
NO 1. Applications of voltage sensor in front-connected ring network cabinet
NO 2. Applications of voltage sensor in rear-connected ring network cabinet
Product Image Presentation
Product Application Scenario Display

We are a manufacturer has export qualification and experience.

instrument type at least 100pcs ;others by 1 -5 pcs;


Instrument transformer 20 thousand pcs ;current transformer 12 thousand pcs ;voltage transformer 11 thousand pcs.

We have a R&D team for new product design. Successful cases and in continued cooperation. Discussion among both sides ➡general specification ensure➡structure drawing ➡original sample ➡electrical

Standard Carton Export fumigatin-free tray Tray Film Edge fixing strip Vacuum packaging acceptable Customize size acceptable
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