Transformer Bushing Adapter
Transformer Bushing Adapter Transformer Bushing Adapter Transformer Bushing Adapter Transformer Bushing Adapter

Transformer Bushing Adapter

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Capacitive bushing is mainly used for main transformer output line of 110kV grade and above. The end screen of bushing is an important signal picking location for detecting parameters such as local discharge and dielectric loss of main transformer. The main transformer cannot open the protective cover of the casing end screen in the running state. In order to pick up local discharge and dielectric loss signals in the running state, the current method is to lead the grounding wire of the casing end screen to the ground, but this changes the grounding mode to a certain extent and poses a certain risk to the safe operation.

BNWXL-BTM-A transformer bushing adapter is developed to solve the above problems. It adopts miniaturized sensing technology to embed the current end screen protective cover. The structure and the existing end screen protective cover can be completely replaced, without changing the original electrical characteristics, the partial discharge, grounding current and other signals are extracted with high quality, which provides a convenient and risk-free detection method for the live detection and online monitoring of the main transformer.

Product Features

High sensitivity, can accurately measure μA level current, high measurement accuracy and good linearity;

High security, multiple shielding, strong anti-interference ability, can work in complex environment;

High reliability, internal epoxy resin potting and curing, reaching IP68 (submersible) protection level, the service life is equivalent to that of the casing, waterproof and anti-corrosion, and can work outdoors for a long time;

Wide applicability, the sensor signal can be used for live detection, and can also be used as a signal source for online monitoring;

Easy to install, aviation plug-in output, and the strcucture can be completely interchangeable with various casing end screen covers currently in use, and the replacement can be completed within tens of seconds;

Size can be customized by customers.

Scope of Application
Mainly used in transformer insulation state detection, transformer core grounding online monitoring; high-voltage bushing insulation online monitoring; zinc oxide arrester insulation online monitoring.
IP Measurable Range 0~700mA
VOUT Output Range 0~7V
X Accuracy@IPN 0.05%
εL Linearity ≤0.05%
Uc Supply Voltage ±12V
VOff Offset Supply 1mV
IC Max Power Consumption 20mA
f Operating Frequency 50-400 Hz
TA Operating Temperature -40oC… +85oC
TS Storage Temperature -40oC…+100oC
Shape and Installation Dimensions
Shape and Installation Dimensions

We are a manufacturer has export qualification and experience.

instrument type at least 100pcs ;others by 1 -5 pcs;


Instrument transformer 20 thousand pcs ;current transformer 12 thousand pcs ;voltage transformer 11 thousand pcs.

We have a R&D team for new product design. Successful cases and in continued cooperation. Discussion among both sides ➡general specification ensure➡structure drawing ➡original sample ➡electrical

Standard Carton Export fumigatin-free tray Tray Film Edge fixing strip Vacuum packaging acceptable Customize size acceptable
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