CHN Energy Railway Equipment Won China Railway Society’s Science and Technology Awards

from:China Energy Investment Corporationdate:2023-03-20

Lately, the China Railway Society unveiled the list of winners of its 2022 Science and Technology Awards. The project titled “hoisting pack-back multi-purpose vehicle R&D based on new-standard road semi-trailers”, conducted under the leadership of CHN Energy Railway Equipment Co., Ltd. won Second Prize of the China Railway Society’s Science and Technology Awards.

The China Railway Society’s Science and Technology Awards, held once every two years, are the top honor for scientific and technological research in China’s railway sector. Approved by the National Office for Science and Technology Awards and initiated by the former Ministry of Railway, the China Railway Society’s Science and Technology Awards are the most influential and authoritative science and technology awards in the country’s railway sector, and lay an important foundation for railway-related research results to apply for national science and technology awards, playing a crucial role in promoting scientific and technological innovation in the railway industry.

The hoisting pack-back multi-purpose vehicles developed under the project feature an ordinary concave bottom structure, and a railway yard only needs to be equipped with ground transition devices and reach stackers to meet the requirements of semi-trailer loading and unloading operations. This kind of operation mode has simpler requirements for supporting facilities of railway yards, and boasts high flexibility and strong adaptability, allowing railway yards to meet the needs of pack-back vehicle loading and unloading operations without the need of massive investment and construction. Relying on the STX series pack-back multi-purpose vehicles, the company was listed among the second batch of national multimodal transport demonstration projects of the “northwestern region and Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region multi-purpose vehicle intelligent public railway-water intermodal transport projects” by the Ministry of Transport. Furthermore, it is the first of the second batch of national multimodal transport demonstration projects to be implemented.

To date, this kind of pack-back multi-purpose vehicle has been put into pilot operation for nearly three years. Through the demonstration application, the company has accumulated rich experience in such fields as cargo loading and unloading, vehicle use, and transportation organization in multimodal railway yards, built China’s unique pack-back vehicle transportation business model, and created an overall solution to multimodal transport. By doing so, it has not only filled the domestic gap in pack-back vehicle transportation technology and operation, but also laid a solid foundation for the subsequent large-scale commercial operation of pack-back vehicles in China.

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