CHN Energy’s Desulfurization Wastewater Zero-emission Treatment Technology Passed Final Acceptance Inspection

from:China Energy Investment Corporationdate:2023-03-29

On March 24, the acceptance inspection conference for the project “Research and engineering demonstration of ion removal and recycling process of desulfurization slurry based on IRCT technology”, launched by CHN Energy, was held.

The conference concluded that the research project can be effectively implemented and the system does not need to be pre-softening treatment, reduces the risk of fouling in the high-rate concentration process, greatly optimizes the work performance of the evaporation section, and meets the needs of zero-emission, highly selective desalination.

CHN Energy’s Desulfurization Wastewater Zero-emission Treatment Technology Passed Final Acceptance Inspection-1

IRCT membrane stack equipment

Compared with the existing zero-emission technology, IRCT technology features stable operation, high degree of automation and easy maintenance. Its direct operating cost is less than 11 yuan per ton, more than 70% lower than that of the existing technology, and it can reduced the life-circle comprehensive cost of equipment by more than 45%. Moreover, it achieves localization of core equipment, commercialization of independently developed technology, and recycling of concentrated brine. At present, the project has applied for six invention patents, published three academic papers, established one graduate education station, and trained two master’s-degree students, breaking new ground for scientific and technological innovation that features in-depth integration of production, education and research.

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