GD Power’s Safety Monitoring and Management Platform Went Online to Enhance Intelligent Level

from:China Energy Investment Corporationdate:2023-03-13

Lately, the safety intelligent monitoring and management platform developed by GD Power Development Co., Ltd. (“GD Power” for short) under CHN Energy went online for trial operation. The platform can meet the demand for digital, real-time and intelligent safety monitoring and management, thus effectively enhancing the capacity and quality of safety intelligent monitoring and management.

GD Power’s Safety Monitoring and Management Platform Went Online to Enhance Intelligent Level-1

A screenshot of the platform’s functional interface

Targeting at problems caused by human collection, statistics and analysis of safety monitoring data such as sharply differing standards, complicated workflows, and decentralized safety management, GD Power innovatively built this safety intelligent monitoring and management platform, formulated unified standards for safety monitoring and management information resources, and expanded the channels to obtain safety monitoring and management data. Leveraging technologies such as Java, vue, uniapp, and MySQL, the platform achieves effective integration, online management and dynamic analysis of data from the information system of the safety monitoring and management center, data from various supervision project departments, and data from supervision project units.

The platform consists of seven modules including safety monitoring and management, contractor management, assessment management, training management, standards and review, daily management, and operational management. It incorporates the daily and monthly monitoring logs, weekly reports on potential risks, weekly reports on risk management and control, high-risk operation plans for the following week, high-risk operation workflow management, basic information of contractors, and on-spot matter looped management into a unified platform to facilitate management. In this way, the platform can effectively advance the standardization of the workflow of the safety monitoring and management center, dynamic risk monitoring and control, and continuous improvement in management.

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