Wuhai Energy’s “5G+ Smart Mine” Selected into MIIT List of Demonstration

from:China Energy Investment Corporationdate:2023-03-08

On February 20, China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology unveiled its 2022 list of industrial internet demonstration projects, and Wuhai Energy’s “Laoshidan 5G Plus Smart Coal Mine” project was inscribed onto the list of “Industrial Internet Platform & Safety Production Pilot Demonstration Projects”, marking that Wuhai Energy under CHN Energy has been a domestic leader in this field.

Wuhai Energy’s “5G+ Smart Mine” Selected into MIIT List of Demonstration-1

The intelligent production command center of Wuhai Energy’s Laoshidan Coal Mine

In recent years, Wuhai Energy has actively promoted the development of informatization, digitalization and automation and built smart mines. In partnership with China Mobile, it completed the construction of the “5G Plus Smart Mine” project, achieving full coverage of 5G network on the ground and underground in coal mines and seven application scenarios based on 5G technology. It developed the first intelligent mechanized coal mining working face in Wuhai City, which has been successfully put into operation, realizing one-key start and stop, automatic cutting and automated roadway support pulling. Multiple systems such as the main transportation system, power supply system, and drainage system have realized remote centralized control, with fixed posts achieving unmanned operations and intelligent inspection robots applied to key posts.

With the help of 5G+XR smart glasses, the 5G communication system has been applied in various fields such as coal mine equipment maintenance and emergency rescue, realizing active perception, remote diagnosis, automatic analysis, rapid handling and other functions. Technicians on the ground can make two-way video call via the first-hand perspective of on-site maintenance personnel, and instructions can be shared to the spot in real time to achieve efficient and intelligent remote equipment fault diagnosis, hidden danger identification, operation guidance, emergency command, etc., thus effectively improving the company’s scientific and technological security level. The main transportation system can “operate fast when there’s more coal to transport, slow down when the amount of coal reduces, and stay idle or shut down when there’s no coal to transport”, thus reducing the conveyor belt idling rate; The auxiliary transportation system realizes functions such as trackless rubber wheel position display, speed monitoring, and traffic control, improving the safety level and work efficiency and strongly guaranteeing the safe production of the coal mine.

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