CHN Energy Sichuan Branch Maintained Daily Power Generation above 100 Million kWh for Days

from:China Energy Investment Corporationdate:2023-03-02

On February 22, the Sichuan branch of CHN Energy generated electricity of 132 million kWh. By then, the company had maintained daily power generation above 100 million kWh for 10 consecutive days.

CHN Energy Sichuan Branch Maintained Daily Power Generation above 100 Million kWh for Days-1

The 1GW generation unit at the Tianming power station in Sichuan is operating at full capacity.

In February, in the face of challenges such as low temperatures, cold currents, soaring demands of enterprises resuming operations, and mounting loads of the power grid, the company started the operation of its 1GW coal-fired generation units ahead of schedule, and enabled them to maintain high-load operations in the dry season. In terms of the hydropower system, it gave full play to the role of the reservoirs and hydropower stations in water diversion and storage in a coordinated manner. All hydropower stations in the river basin kept step with each other in hydrological information sharing, power generation plan declarations, temporary load adjustment, equipment inspection, maintenance and fault removal, etc. While implementing production plans at full capacity, the company took advantage of the window period in which upstream reservoirs discharge water to generate electricity.

In addition, all power stations have strengthened equipment reliability management. Specific persons were assigned the duties to monitor the operations of key equipment such as generation units, transmission lines, control panels and consoles, substations, and main transformers. Moreover, they reinforce the patrolling, inspection and fault removal of key areas as well as main and supplementary power generation equipment, and remove faults and conduct overhauling as quickly as possible, ensuring the safety and reliability of facilities and equipment and guaranteeing power generation at full capacity.

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