Runner of GW-class turbine unit for Baihetan dam completed installation

from:China Three Gorges Corporationdate:2020-07-29

Runner of GW-class turbine unit for Baihetan dam completed installation-1

Baihetan hydropower station, owned and operated by China Three Gorges Corporation (CTG), announced that it has completed the installation of the runner for its first 1-GW hydraulic generator on its right bank on July 22, kicking off the installation of hydraulic turbines on its right bank.

The runner installed is for the No. 14 power unit on the right bank, which is scheduled to be among the first power units to be put into operation. The successful installation of its runner, a core component, is vital for the scheduled operation of the first batch of power units on the right bank.

The runner, known as the heart of a hydraulic generator, is one of the most challenging key components in research and development as well as manufacturing. It determines the discharge capacity, hydraulic efficiency and cavitation capacity of the hydraulic turbine as well as the reliability of the entire generator.

Baihetan has a total installed capacity of 16 GW, with eight 1-GW hydraulic generators installed on the left and right banks respectively, the single largest generators in the world.

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