Daduhe Company Creates a Digital Water Ecosystem

from:China Energy Investment Corporationdate:2021-11-26

On November 15, Daduhe Company under China Energy carried out research on “simulation of ecological dispatching effect during the fishing season and its operation optimization” and built a water ecosystem simulation model by digital means. The results provide intelligent support for formulating targeted measures for protecting aquatic biodiversity, and serve as an innovative attempt to promote water ecological environment conservation.

Daduhe Company has continuously worked on aquatic biodiversity protection through measures such as proliferation and release, and monitoring of fish passing-by. In order to solve the problems of “unknown optimization effect of fish-passing operation” and “unclear improvement measures for fish-passing effect” in hydropower stations and reservoirs, the company has evaluated in a comprehensive and effective manner the state and changes of water ecosystem after the operation of hydropower projects, struck a balance between development and protection, improved the overall benefits of hydropower projects, explored the methods of big data modeling, and built a mathematical simulation model to carry out ecological operation research in the fish-passing period, in a bid to create fish flow based on inclination and improve the fish tracing efficiency for fishes under the dam.

Based on the actual topographic data and hydrological dispatching data of hydropower stations, this research project built a three-dimensional simulation model of underwater topography and hydraulic structures. According to the correlation between fish swimming behaviors and water flow patterns, and the inversion results of typical working conditions during the fish passing period, the upstream route of fish is predicted, and the best upstream working conditions of fish during the period are obtained. Based on this, the optimal dispatching method of hydropower station operation for the fish passing season has been put forward to ensure that fish can successfully go upstream during spawning and breeding season, which helps the natural growth of fish population biomass. By promoting the application of intelligent and digital technologies in ecological environment protection of the Dadu River, technological innovation is made more conducive to conserving and improving natural environment.

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