Longyuan Power Fills in Gap in Power Industry with Wind Farm Digital Design System

from:China Energy Investment Corporationdate:2021-11-03

The “wind farm 3D digital design system” developed by Longyuan Power Engineering Design Co., Ltd. under China Energy was awarded a silver prize of the 2021 China Geospatial Information Industry Excellent Engineering Awards on October 22.

China Geospatial Information Industry Excellent Engineering Awards are one of the top honors for high-quality geospatial information engineering projects in China. Launched by China Association for Geospatial Information Society, the Awards are designed to promote the prosperity of the geospatial information industry, optimize the utilization of geospatial information resources and technologies, improve the practical, market-oriented operation of relevant application systems, and further standardize the construction of geospatial information engineering projects.

The “wind farm 3D digital design system,” developed on the basis of GIS and BIM technologies, has functions such as 3D visualization, editing and inquiry of wind farms and surroundings, wind farm design project management, and location selection, circuit, road and booster station design, wind turbine foundation, cost estimation, and technical and economic assessment for wind farms. It can be used for feasibility research and preliminary design of wind farms, and achieves digitalization, visualization and platformization of all design elements in a 3D environment in the early and preliminary phase of wind farm design. Through unified management with a “single 3D map,” it helps designers achieve reasonable planning and science-based design from a holistic perspective, thus reducing overall costs, increasing economic returns and laying a solid foundation for digitalized design of wind farms.

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