Chemical Company’s First Set of Homemade Coal Slurry Feed Pump Begins Operation

from:China Energy Investment Corporationdate:2020-07-14

The first set of homemade coal slurry feed pump for coal liquefaction of China Energy’s Chemical Company successfully completed the test run with coal-oil slurry medium and began formal operation on July 2. The successful test provides a reliable reference for the localization of key equipment and the adjustment of second and third coal liquefaction processes.

The high-pressure coal-oil slurry feed pump is one of the core equipment for the direct coal liquefaction process of the Chemical Company. It functions to boost the pressure of coal-oil slurry to a certain level and enter the slurry into the coal-slurry heating furnace to mix it with hydrogen before channeling it into the coal-liquefaction reactor for hydrogenation reaction to generate liquefied oil.

Chemical Company’s First Set of Homemade Coal Slurry Feed Pump Begins Operation-1

The homemade coal slurry feed pump in operation.

The research project for domestically produced coal slurry feed pump was formally established in 2017. On-site construction began in April 2019, and a test run of oil commissioning was successfully completed on May 6, 2020. During this test run for the commissioning of coal-oil slurry medium, relevant personnel operated the device in strict accordance with the established plan, made comparisons between the operations with two different media, adjusted the parameters accordingly, and recorded and solved problems arising during the process. A thorough verification and performance assessment of the renovated homemade feed pump showed that the test run of the feed pump with coal-oil slurry medium was a complete success.

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