The 2021 Annual Conference Navigates China Datang's Second Entrepreneurial Journey

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The 2021 Annual Conference Navigates China Datang

On January 21, China Datang held 2021 annual conference to review the work in 2020, analyze the current situation, and arrange key works for 2021, which charted the course for the company’s development in the 14th FYP period. 

The 2021 Annual Conference Navigates China Datang

CDT Chairman Zou Lei made a speech titled Make a Good Start for the 14th FYP with High-quality Development by Centering on New Satge, New Philosophy and New Pattern.

Zou Lei pointed out that it is necessary to fully understand the development history of China Datang, stay true to our original aspiration and founding mission, and continue to forge ahead.

Looking backward,

-China Datang has registered major progress along with our nation.

-China Datang has assumed responsibility for ensuring the safe and reliable energy supply to our nation.

-China Datang has made great achievements through brave exploration and concrete actions carried out by a large number of talents with pioneering spirit.

Zou Lei emphasized that it is necessary to make accurate judgment on situations, seize opportunities, meet challenges and forge ahead.

Our mission is to build a world-class energy supplier committed to green and low carbon development and energy mix diversification, through efficient collaboration and smart digital innovation.

"Two transformations" have to be achieved, namely the transformation from a traditional power company to a green and low-carbon energy company, with over 50% installed capacity from non-fossil fuel sources by 2025 and for peaking carbon dioxide emissions 5 years ahead of schedule; and the transformation from a traditional power company to a state-owned capital investment company by establishing a modern state-owned enterprise system with Chinese characteristics.

It is time to start our second entrepreneurial journey of building China Datang a world-class enterprise with  innovative capacity, competitive advantage, development capability and risk resistance capacity, driven by optimizing market distribution, industrial structure, asset quality and talent team.

The 2021 Annual Conference Navigates China Datang

CDT President Kou Wei made a work report titled Seizing Opportunities and Overcoming Obstacles on the new journey of the 14th FYP. 

Kou Wei pointed out that in 2020, CDT has made historical achievements in the following aspects: epidemic prevention and control, safety production,economic growth, restructuring and reform of state-owned enterprises, and has fulfilled the annual objectives.

Kou Wei put forward key tasks in 2021.

-Adhering to the safety guideline for production, we will comprehensively improve the intrinsic safety.

-Adhering to green, low-carbon and innovation-driven development philosophy, we will accelerate the transformation and upgrading.

-Adhering to benchmarking management and lean operation, we will improve quality and increase efficiency.

-Focusing on deepening reforms, we will stimulate high-quality development vitality.

-Focusing on the battle against major risks, we will address incidents efficiently and manage risks proactively.

Responsibility Agreements for 2021 Annual Performance Appraisal were signed between the Corporation and the subsidiaries at the conference. The senior executives of Datang International, Datang Shaanxi, Datang Overseas and other subsidiaries delivered speeches and exchanged views.

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