CSG Yunnan International Co., Ltd.Imported 1.5 Billion kWh Clean Hydropower in 2021

from:China Southern Power Griddate:2022-02-04

Yunnan, China - During Year 2021, the CSG Yunnan International Co., Ltd.,  imported 1.5 billion kWh clean hydropower through three grids of western and southwestern Yunnan.
These and other actions served to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 1.32 million tons (based on a carbon dioxide emission value of 877 g/kWh). This import has not only helped Myanmar’s superfluous hydropower utilization, but also promoted carbon emission reduction and relieved the tight power supply in Yunnan Province.
What’s more, it has further promoted the mutual benefit and win-win energy cooperation of the Greater Mekong Sub-Region.
Since 2021, Myanmar’s power demand has slumped due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Senior managers from CSG Yunnan International Co., Ltd., spoke directly with related departments in order to form the most professional response to Myanmar’s time-sensitive power demands. The Corporation’s senior leaders also directed engineers to make immediate adjustment to additional power purchase plans.
The Corporation leadership showed great determination to strengthen the cooperation with Yunnan Power Grid Company, increase the density of network inspection and maintenance and accelerate the relief of hydropower delivery obstruction in western Yunnan.
These and other actions served to open up the import channel of clean hydropower and a green power certificate was presented to the CSG Yunnan International Co., Ltd., by the Kunming Power Exchange Center in May 2021 as the Corporation's green power ratio reached a substantial 98.1%.
Senior leaders of the CSG Yunnan International Co., Ltd., are planning to continue exploration of the optimal allocation of clean energy in the Great Mekong Sub-region under China’s Belt and Road Initiative, to complement each other’s strengths, achieve win-win cooperation and play an important role as a model for promoting power interconnectivity and green development within the global electrical power marketplace and a leadership role throughout the international community.

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